The Man From the Past

in #poetry5 years ago

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The simple times of yesterday
When the strength of a man earns his pay
With enough to go round all day
And no one feels any pain

Now the simple days are all gone
There is not enough to go round
Everyone just tags along
With everything gone so wrong

A time filled with so much pain
And thousands of reasons to hate
And help keeps coming late
Stress and pain are so great

A time with no love to share
And everyone seem not to care
And real kindness is so rare
Life has become so hard to bare

Came a man who could dare
Has so little and chose to share
Gave to anyone with need so dare
This man was the only one that cared

This man goes about with a limp
His tattered bag packed so full
Goes about saying bless you
Because that was what this man could do

There was a night the ground shook
Took away the man and no one knew
Just the little boy with a jacket so blue
And the blind woman shed a tear too

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