Ever shed a light and never shine?

in #poetry4 years ago


An early morning on a sunny day,
An empty head without a screeching weasel.
When the sun and water fades away,
A world beneath the wings of comfort eagle.

Gazing at an early morning light!
I see a cloud of white organic dye,
The sky and light a candle shining bright,
Colours falling from the naked eye.

When I hear the sound of Mister mister!
And maybe you forget about the glitter,
And stay together like a cookie cutter,
Then write a song about a twisted sister.

To hear the sound of playing the bass guitar!
Sort of like an old electric car,
Lying on the early morning glitter,
Me a million dollar superstar.

Image from pixabay


great punch lines and rhymes. well composed.

Thank you. I am about to lunch.

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