Endless War

in poetry •  last year

There's money in violence, there's gold in the sand
Greed drives the war and the tanks drive the man
Every dollar you get, every dollar you spend
Floats along in the blood of a millions' end

Bananas bombs and bullets, commodities all
Without blood to buy them the profits would fall
They say we kill for freedom, that we kill for God
We kill for their fortunes, then we stand back and nod

We nod for the music, we nod for the sound
We nod for the puppets with the hands in their mouths
Every single bullet, every missile and shell
They're taking us on a ride, a ride straight down to hell

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Nice one!!!!! Am thrilled I have something similar to this but mine is a write up "mindless redeemer". I'll help publicize this post the best way I can hope you would do same 😜😜😜😜