My Mum! In Thousands Miles (poetry-lonely)

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In thousand miles-(oh, Mama!)

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I don’t have a chance to see you,
Neither hugging nor simply talking;
As I am whispering on saying near you,
Mama, I love you so.

The time you give me birth
You give everything with girth;
Bestowing your own sacred life,
Just to give me a living….

My mama, I wish you’ll be here,
Take me, and we’ll bonding together;
Sharing with you my smiles,
Creating memories, in thousand miles.

It’s very hard to understand,
That I am the reason withstands;
My whole life is full of curiosity,
That every minute, I want you through my destiny,

As now, I continue my journey,
I got inspired with you mommy,
All of your sacrifices, want it all, repay…
Mama, you giveaway your life for me….


Alder Febraday A. Tamarra

Fun | Love | Happiness
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wow, lovely poem that celebrates the love of a mama, a love like no other


Thank you for the appreciation, @apiprincz.
They are the reason, why we are here now,

Shout out to all the mom!... your sacrifices makes us human.