Love’s Graze

in poetry •  10 months ago


Love's Graze

Existing in dormant chaos,
A truth in waking light,
A seed for dreaming, echoing by touch,
And fixated, by the change in love’s eyes.

Answers to what is unasked,
With heaven staring, aghast.

Time of passing,
The cry of ending,
Of angels swirling, praising,
Molding, such devolving.

Unsightly change,
Gasping, at love’s graze.

Murmurs at day’s end, weaving,
Meanings, of despair.

By infinity’s doorway, reaching
Finding, nothing,
But that change, siring
Deep into the blaze of love’s graze.

Where poet's souls, reborn,
Write syllables, to be known,
Through tears unknown,
Finding love, that evolves.

Melodic ends, hoping,
Encased and caressed,
Without love’s graze.

Suffocated by a presence, always too far
Consummated by a hope, begging for life,
For its stare,
For its lies,
For its true light,
Imploding, silently,
Laughing and mourning,
At the graze that changed love’s eyes.

Poem authored by @fcpway

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