In the Eye of the Storm...

in #poetry3 years ago (edited)


The tempest rages at the deep of the ocean
Fear grips my innocent soul
My voice cease from calling out for help
I remain lonely in the middle of nowhere

I vision was be clouded by various thought
The dreamt future vanishing into thin air
I could feel the tickle of the teardrops
Who will rescue my soul from perishing

I sat in silent wandering at the dark night
The darkness thicken as of the exhaust black smoke
I am already wallowing in the eye of the storm
Will there be a calmness?

I could hear the echoes of sounds
Some murmurs about the after life
Some cries about the lost of young soul
Is this the end, I ask myself?

I gave way to despair as I lost hope
I watch quietly as the storm sank my ship
It's all going to perish in my face
The storm refuses to spare me


So this life is nothing but a shaft
All dreams and aspirations blown off
Gradually washing off by the ocean tide
I was caught in the eye of life storm


Nice work.

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