in poetry •  last year 

Forgive me, I do not know what happened to you that I do not see you as before
Your hands were already cold, I did not have how to get warm
I'm sorry for just telling you, I did not want to hurt you

I confess that, in the middle of your carelessness, I have met many people
You know I'm not friends but you were so absent, so distant
Things change a lot, you have stopped caring.

I know how it happened
That distance we had
Slowly he was killing us
If there is a culprit here, we are 2, but she is not

You never had time for our meetings
The relationship was not so slow and you always had a story
I got lost in the attempt, to recover this feeling
But, I could never, I did not stop
I asked my God to help me
You with your bad attitudes
While I was making requests, and no!

I do not want to blame anyone, I'm not in a position to complain
I accept that I have also been an accomplice, I am not the same as when you conquer
What I'm going to tell you, will surely make you cry
Someone realized what was happening, took advantage when you were not


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Nice drawing. Well done ☺

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