The Magic Light

in poetry •  15 days ago 

In the beginning, a faint glow, nothing but light.

This light, the essence of everything.

Out of the darkness it rose. It was always there though.

Evolving time after time, switching its essence between positive and negative.

Destructing and constructing.

It cannot work without both.

The intermediate, the overseer, between positive and negative.

Watches and learns. It observes patiently. Without judgment.

It calls.

It calls.

It asks. Why can you not understand?

Humans cannot see past the existence of themselves. Only knowing that of mind.

Mind being truth to them.

But it is much more than mind. For it is everything.

Every mind that expanses the universe. Every materialistic thing. Both organic and non-organic. It resides in everything.

Even when there seems to be nothing. It exists among it.

It is everything.

It is everything.

As it evolves, so do we, in our separate evolutionary process.

Being just a fragment of it's evolution.

It evolves much faster than humans. Because it is everything.

It cannot stop. It is all knowledge of truth and lies.

Yet it only knows truth. But it lives a lie.

The lies are just a disguise, that it uses to blend in.

Among us, it breathes.

It walks everything's lives. Lives as you and I.

It is the cow you slaughter and the fish you kill.

It is the pet you feed and the child you love.

It knows no boundaries.

It is everything.

It is everything.

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