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Sometimes we sit and reminisce all the events of yesterday, things we did that was fun and a whole lot of our actions and inactions that we regret. It's funny there are some memories we wish we could bring back but then each day evolves with new occurrences and the old ones still remain a past. This poem is birthed out of such recollection of memories.

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If yesterday was today
When the full moon gave a dazzling grin
This sphere we call earth was fertile and green
The scorching rays of the sun caressed our soft skin
The track of our dreams were unbowed and keen

If yesterday was today
When our visions darted round the clouds so high
Our rhythmic voices screeched underneath the glowing sky
Our smiles ascended beyond the high towers
Decorating our world with glinting rose flowers

If yesterday was today
When the trees had deep strong root
Our lips birthed words of truth
Our faces wore a healing smile
Distance between our hearts was just a mile

If yesterday was today
When beauty blended with good character
Company of friends roared with laughter
The future was a glossy imagination
More than a picture or crafted fiction

Now we dance to the tune of injustice
Betrayal is wrapped in the bosom of a kiss
Now our visions shrink and bleed
Oh not the future we so need
Now we wish that yesterday was today

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wow I'm so in love with this piece of art thanks for sharing

Nice post


The feeling of reminiscence tinged with regret and 20/20 vision is quite palpable in this poem, @estherikott, it breathes from your words.

The imagery, the feelings of nature, the combination of seen emotions and sensations, you weave a pattern of nostalgia.

The last stanza is what I found most intriguing. The juxtaposition of being present and the hardships there, and the wishful reflection of days long past, a nice echoing of the whole piece.

A deep read, Esther, and a good one.
Thank you for sharing.

Thanks for stopping by
It's nice to have you read it, The last stanza actually contains more emotions that the others

it certainly read as such, Esther; you did a great job channeling those emotions through the climax of that final stanza, it was a deeply present read.

Nice one my dear, your rhymes are amazing

Thanks for stopping by
Nice to have you read it

Very thoughtful poem. Well done!

It's nice to have you read it, thanks

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I'm impressed by this. The imagery used throughout is excellent. What is really interesting is the layout, how each stanza begins with the same line; at the end, this is turned around and is now definite:

now we wish that yesterday was today.