Beauty Of Nature

in poetry •  2 years ago  (edited)

This is the voiceless tune of the wind
Played under shattered branches
By bald bards of seasoned smiles
Sulking bitter bruises of fate

This is the sound of an angry thunder
Walking alone whistling and rumbling
Amidst the dales and thorny hills
Crawling through the cloud to kiss the earth


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This is the message of the humid breeze
Bending branches to its whisper
Lonely streams through forest gray
Flow of tides in moonlight cold

This is the smile of the mystic cloud
A coast full of storms of dew
Coolness grip of freezing bodies
Listening to the tapping feet of the rain


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This is the gift from the golden sun
Rays that run through darkened skies
Planets light shining strangely bright
Silhouettes rising from the walls

This is the beauty you ought to see
A glance of nature to behold
A peep at radiance in its glow
Letters of mystery right from time

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Wow... great one ya... Keep rocking...:)

Nice to have you read it @jegannath

Haaa keep going.. All the best...:)

gorgeous <3 thank you for writing. great cadence.

Thank you
I'm honoured to have you read it @mountainjewel

I like how your lines start with messages from different forms of nature. I think nature speaks to us personally from the waves in the ocean to the leaves of the trees. We just have to listen. Nature speaks to us and all we need to do is listen. Thank you for sharing!

Beautiful writing. I love the image of rain tapping its feet.