The Spiral Of Time - By Esaia Mystic

in #poetry2 years ago


I chisel with Age,
The Afro Woman morphs from phase to phase
evading time just going through the motions of emoting the blessed energy of the stars ,
we are the greatest gift unto this world thus far
a Great War we fight internally ,
mentally we crave to be burden free
We yearn to see
that our happiness in love can never come at a cost .. some have lost their soul
to the sunken place
from spacing their mind & thoughts away
from a truth that may ,
well in fact has so much value —
we have to put ourselves on a pedestal
& respect our cells for their capacity to feel.
It’s real
what these aliens try to rationalize
turning truth into lies
using insecurities to keep us.
So like a sour fruit
they picked us from our roots
then threw us back down to rot.
But our fruit has seeds soon to sprout leaves,
the movement is what never stops.
Timeless ... 🐍


This is quite beautifully illustrated. I can truly feel the despair and relief of the inner struggles that we all seem to become faced with when identifying or reconsiling our inner truths with outer lies. Great post. Thanks

Thank You Kindly 🌸

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Wonderful poetry post. i like reading this poet . thanks for share

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