SACRIFICE (An Original Poem)

in poetry •  2 years ago

I’ve watched you,
through these years
give yourself away

it happened slowly,
nearly unnoticed
like a slight faucet drip

with every forced smile
and stifled opinion
you handed away small
pieces of yourself

I wonder if
you felt it
was a worthy

Sometimes still
I search you
for a remnant of
that lost spark
of what once was

I can’t help but
when your eyes
held hope and dreams
instead of only
the scathing
sadness of regret.

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This is eerily applicable to me today, Eric. Edgier than your usual. Raw. And I feel like this describes me perfectly right now and a personal struggle I find I am suddenly dealing with.


Sending you a virtual hug @farytalelife. I know you'll overcome this, and all other struggles my friend


Thank you, @handsolo. I am so grateful for all my steemit friends. And your kind words are so appreciated.


I'm so sorry to hear that, @fairytalelife. I hope today is a better day. Don't forget you have many friends here.


I do know that, Eric. I am moved beyond words. Thank you for being one of them.


You're welcome!

Dark greys are heavy to live with... Namaste

this post brought a welling up of feelings....although it's not all of my, there is a part of me that does this FAR too much. beautifully written poem that cuts right to the heart of "it".


I'm guilty of doing this too, much more when I was younger. I lost a lot of years because of it but also gained some wisdom.


it can be a good skill to be quiet, but not when it becomes a habit and then has a high cost to the self!!


So true! We must learn to speak up for what we believe in even if it is with a shaky voice.

oh my am moved beyond words the people you sacrifice for rarely notice your sacrifice but in all its good to be good a typical poem for my mother


So glad you enjoy it! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read it!

A sad story, though a beautiful poem


I am moved to say what a beautiful piece of writing! The word 'scathing' in the final verse truly scythes!


Thank you so much, @ebryans! I tried a few different words in that verse and that one seemed to have the most impact.

another excellent poem.
upvoted :)

Upvoted and Resteemed!

Been there, so well described.


Sorry to hear that but thanks for the kind words!

I wonder if it is possible to get those pieces back. To rebuild.


I think so @opheliafu. I think it's never too late.



Yeah, I can relate with that,

bra poezi


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