Broken Dreams (An Original Poem)

in poetry •  5 months ago

In this world it's so easy
to be broken,
so many dreams are
fractured every day.

We must carry on in
this world of madness,
when all we want
to really do is play.

Trust is such a solemn
road to wander,
it can feel like a
stone in your shoe.

The pain brings you
back to this moment,
and can reveal a
very sacred truth.

Don't ever spend
too much time looking backwards
or lying down,
gazing at the stars.

This life is all
about the journey
and these broken dreams
can show us who we are.

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Pretty nice :)
but forgive my asking... was this intentional?
The pain brings you
brings back to this moment,

or is there a typo?


Thank you, @herverisson! That was a typo.

broken dreams, pain, or what seems like failure really does teach us who we are and brings so much needed growth even if excruciatingly uncomfortable sometimes!


You're so right, @natureofbeing! How'd the move go?!

Very poignant, and great giff to go with it too! :-)



Thank you @cryptogee! I really love when you can find a gif that has such a similar vibe to the post.

excellent poem dear friend @mervancewalton realistic and very topical, conducive to the times we live, you have many reasons to say "never spend too much time looking back or lying, looking at the stars" I share this expression.
I wish you a prosperous week dear friend

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Did you write this thinking of some difficult times? Sometimes you do just have to keep going. That gif kept distracting me with him falling apart. A really good one. I enjoyed your poem. :)


I appreciate it, @rebeccabe! When I wrote this I was thinking about how some dreams and goals in life aren't meant to come true but the lessons learned in striving to achieve them is real reason you were drawn to that certain thing. I'm not a big fan of country music but I think there's a song called, Thank God for Unanswered Prayers that comes to mind. In retrospect there are quite a few of those instances in my life.


I plan to look those up. I occasionally put the country channel on while driving. I can concentrate on the lyrics then. Some of the music tells a story straight up in words made into a song.

One day I heard this driving, I must admit growing up in Texas, "I Lived It".


Many of those songs do tell great stories. Maybe some day I'll learn to like that genre. My grandfather used to listen to bluegrass and I am liking that music more and more the older I get.


Country music, grew up with it. Not my cup of tea. The lyrics are good sometimes. Bluegrass is better. Have you ever heard Ott? You have to listen more than once but it is good. Also found this song,

out of the country of Hungary. This main guy must have been in samadhi. :) Well not samadhi at least out there. haha! Be sure and check out Ott too.

Wow, this is so true and beautiful,Eric 😍 you are a wonderful poet!

Absolutely sir. These broken dreams can show us who we are, and what next we need to do. It sometimes forces us to think outside the box. Most of the time, we get stuck in one place due to broken dreams, we look behind rather than to forge ahead.

This is really beautiful sir. I really enjoyed this lovely poem.


I'm glad you enjoyed it! As I grow older I am learning that nothing is wasted on us (most things happen for a reason.) Sometimes it's less about the goal and more about the journey to get there. You're so right when you say that challenges and failures force us to think outside of the box! Sometimes all it takes is a subtle shift in perception to see the proper path to take.


Absolutely sir, very well spot on sir. Things happen for a reason truly, and it takes a subtle shift in perception to see the path to take.

Always appreciate you sir.

Poem describe all lives story . Nice poetry .

Wow this is amazing, you know for a poem done in very simple verses it is beautiful the way you made it look like an admonishment as well especially the second to the last and the last verse as well, I love it.

No matter what happens, we must hold ourselves strong. Thank for this inspired piece.

Each day we either break or make it but if we keep going one day we shall make it ... wonderful poem that was :)

No one should ever allowed himself to be broken down for their is no solution in giving up, but their is always a solution in persistent.

If you don't give up, you will surely be there in a matter of time. You might suffer scars, brushes or other forms of impossibility syndrome, but giving up would be the biggest mistake you can ever make, because you have gone too far than to give up.

This is beautiful and sad but so very true! How often are we not broken by this mad mad world that can be such a fabulous world too!
Thank you!


You're right, @lizelle! It's very much based on perception and level of optimism. I hope you're having a great week!


Yes I am thank you :)

The words are sound and very realistic
Really a very special poem you are a wonderful poet
I wish you all the best

Wow, what a beautiful selection of works!
We all know that life is a combination of sadness and happiness, life is a combination of bad time and a good time, so if you are sad and you are facing bad time, then don't give up, go on, go with the flow, This is the best way to live the life, and when you learn this technique, my friend, you will never look back!
Have a good day sir.


Thanks for your comment!

A beautiful poem and very accurately emphasizes our perception of our dreams and desires, especially the last lines show who we really can be in this world! Thank you @ericvancewalton

@ericvacewalton, That would be very impressive poem you shared. It's most powerful strength indeed vocabulary. Your words so stronger to tell some message to community. Absolutely fantastic work my friend.

Wonderful poetry and this is the real. Perfect Gif for this poetry, thanks to share your valuable life related post that really appreciate you.

The pain brings you brings back to this moment, and can reveal a very sacred truth.

That constant pain brings fear and anxiety and feel like terrorizing my life. I dont know whether I am immune to resist this pain or not, but in the cycle of birth and death, pain is a bitter reality.

Thank you

Very close to the reality of the life . Good poem

Well yes agreed ,In life we sure get all those things well they are not permanent, time does changes everything !

Like you said we should move forward leaving the bad memories and experience .

Wise words and very inspirational !

Have you wrote it? if yes, you are a wonderful write mate!
This is how our life goes and you have summarize our whole in this beautiful poem, good work mate! keep it up.

nice to read it

Life is all about the journey , in which we faces many problems, feel sorrow and happiness .
Very well written

Well thoughtful words that is filled with life problem and issues, but also motivational to encourage us to pursue our goals in life @ericvancewalton

Its an amazing poetry and i like the gif more :)

"Don't ever spend.....
or lying down,
gazing at the stars."

This is one thing I have to disagree with you:-)
To gaze at a distant star always inspire us to think that we are just 5-6 feet objects in this giant universe and thinking just about our life, doing jobs which doesn't satisfy us, in relationships that don't rise us etc.

Anyways , Wonderful poem , you just put me on dreaming mode:-

Yours reader

I agreed to you

Yes you are right, the broken dreams can show us who we are. Even what next, maybe to move on or quit