Hi Emrick. May I ask where you got the image from?

Hello! I got the image from google. I found it when i was doing a random search.

Hi Emrick. That's cool. Just to let you know, in order to not have any "copyright infringement" issues, you might want to use a filtering tool on Google images. After you do a search, click on "Tools" and then "labeled for reuse".
On a different note, your poetry is pretty good. I'm usually not into poetry too much, but yours has some interesting themes to it. Have you thought about doing any other type of posts? Photography is pretty big here on Steemit. You could write about Kenya, too. Or whatever interests you! Go for it.
C-ya around.

Thanks for your advice. I truly appreciate it.
God bless.

Aaaaw... You have the most amazing heart. Whoever this 'Sue' is, she is a lucky gal.;) Your poetry resonates. Keep it up!

"Sue" is indeed a lucky girl. Thanks for you lovely remarks gymrat73