Bitter Taste

in poetry •  2 months ago


One of those days
Bitter taste in my mouth
All plans going south
Unpleasant in many ways

Needing comfort but relishing solace
Too hard to think
Might need a drink
So the fridge I move towards

Losing is painful
When winning is all we've dreamt of
So don't tell me to be tough
Lest I might get hateful

A year this memory been
Yet I feel the scars
Guess those mental bars
Firmly tucked me in

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Feels like you wrote about me...

Losing is just a step along the way to winning


Totally agree. It is just still really painful to lose

I love the rhyme pattern ABAB in the firsrlt verse CDDC in the second verse as well my friend, it's nicely done I enjoyed the calmness of the piece. You're a brilliant writer.

might want to see my last two poems as well 😀😀 I'd like your feedba

Again, tell us... Why do you insist on saying you ain't-a poet?


Nah I just love to play with words...especially rhymy ones.

Now what you, Jose and Taraz do - that's poetry


Those who play with words are poets in their own ways. Taraz is better than I and I think Jose is too if you asked me. Mostly, I feel like a lucky fraud ♡

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