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in poetry •  last year

He used to be so pleased with his little girl.
It was once her very first day of university.
He walked with her to college that day,
and she or he held his hand all the manner.
They walked collectively quiet and sad,
a little bit woman and her loving dad.
Into the tuition her father led,
however he just about cried when she said,
"Daddy, Daddy, please don't go.
Don't leave me right here all by myself.
I'm going to omit you if you go away,
and that i might want you; are not able to you keep?"
"Little Daughter, please don't cry.
You'll be ok, so dry your eyes.
You have got our memories for your heart.
We're together although we're apart."

He sat up front on her marriage ceremony day
And cried as his daughter walked away.
Later that night he watched her dance.
He sat there ready for his threat.
The band began to play their music.
Father and daughter danced alongside.
She checked out him and noticed a tear
Then leaned and whispered in his ear,
"Daddy, Daddy, I must go.
I hate to depart you all alone.
I'll miss you once I go away,
but if you would like me then i'll stay."
"Little Daughter, i will be simply nice.
I will love you at all times; you're mine.
I have our recollections in my heart.
We're collectively although we're apart."

She came in his room and kissed his head
Then sat subsequent to his health center bed.
He took her hand and held it tight
And wished he had the force to battle.
They sat collectively, quiet and sad,
A daughter and her death dad.
He noticed the tears she tried to cover.
She checked out him and then she cried.
"Daddy, Daddy, please don't go.
Don't depart me here all by myself.
I will omit you when you go away.
I still need you; you must keep."
"Little Daughter, i love you so.
I wish to stay however have to go.
I'm going to continually be here on your heart.
We're together although we're apart."

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