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When she first met him,
It came close to being struck by lightening,
Transfixed to a spot as he walked into the room she glared at him,
Such a beauty, felt like a re-awakening.

With their heartbeats in sync,
Although she couldn't quite place it,
Everything just felt right,
With him in her life,
Life was sure to make more sense,
Just like an encoded program, artificial intelligence,
He was ever prompt to show off his benevolence.

When they met,
It felt like even the galaxies knew that they had to belong to each other,
And love, that mysterious force,
Taking it course,
Bound them together,
Sealing their fates forever.

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And afterwards,
Did anything ever feel the same way ever again?
Did the "butterflies-in-the-stomach" feeling remain?
Was that spark ever put out?
Did they ever remember the beginning and smile at any time,even once?
Was any of it really worth anything?
Like every other love story,
Did they get the cliché "Happily ever after" ending?
Unfortunately not, instead they became history,
A disappointing trend.

At the very least,
She toiled and tried,
Took a chance at love,
A leap of faith,
Mortgaged her heart,
Gambled with her life,
Isolated herself under the guise of being "in a relationship",
Bore all the risks,
Cried all the tears,
She definitely did laugh at some point,
Now that certainly ought to count as something.

Don't ask me if he fought for her,
Let's just say What they had was good while it lasted.

Thanks for Reading!


Beautiful write-up yo!#thumbs up

Thanks for reading dear

wow. Nice choice of words. This is an amazing poem. Definitely one of the best poems I've read in a while. Thanks a lot for sharing!!

Thanks for reading/dropping by boss 🙌

Beautiful Picture

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