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The evidence of God seems so obsolete
but why every time I think of a Creator I feel complete
Why does it automatically make sense
that an external force could create the universe with a breath
People can act superior and say they're so smart
But won't ever admit they were depressed from the start
Why do people believe in things out of their reach
but when it comes to God they don't practice what they preach
I understand why they would say there's no evidence
because they never tried to seek Him in the present tense
This isn't a diss to atheists or agnostics
But sometimes it just doesn't make any sense
We live in a world that says "Think outside the box"
But once we actually do we're told to knock it off
When we hold a different mindset we're looked down upon
That happens to everyone and it's equally wrong
But I personally believe in a God
And I personally believe He's been with me all along
Not because I read about Him in a book
but because I look back on life and I can't believe how long it took
To realize He's been ever so present in my life
Tapping me on the shoulder while the devil cut me with a knife
The enemy had me at a halt
Felt like I was trapped in a vault
Like everything happening in my life was my fault
Had no one in my life in which I could consult
But one day I felt a presence so strong within me
I couldn't identify something I couldn't see
Didn't know it was God
But my heart was dancing to His song
And one day I could finally see clearly
When I felt that, I didn't feel hopeless
Even through the strife and the pain being homeless
Something a kid should never go through
But God told the devil he could move
And I felt a glimpse of what was to come very soon
God never left me alone
He gives hard times so when He comes His Glory is shown
How powerful His love is
It even works in the midst
When we feel like we have nothing to give
Glory, glory, glory to the One Above
He shows His presence through His unordinary Love

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Beautiful poem, thanks for sharing @emittt

Thank you for reading! God bless :)

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