Love is greater than you thought

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Origin of love appears

Love should be built with sincerity.
Love is built with beauty
Love is built by giving

Love is built with gratitude
Love should be given sincerely
Love is expressed from the heart

Sincerity when the heart opens itself to accept others
Sincerity when you want to accept
Giving and receiving
Love is built by giving and receiving

Money becomes happiness motivation
Home becomes the motivation of love
Satisfaction becomes the motivation of love

That responsibility when love begins to blossom
Love does not arise from cowardice
Love knows when to give
Love to know when to receive

Love knows what you want
Love knows what to give
Love knows what to accept


Love is burning

Love and love.
One word you say burns your body and soul.
Our bodies are like candles burned by the fire of love.

Melt ... Tired
Melt and continue to melt
Making humans weak and strong in an instant

Love makes angels worship God
Love makes birds dhikr to God
Love continually gives hope to the soul
Love exposes all despair.

Love is the prayer to God
Prayer is love
and Love is prayer

With human love lifted from contempt
With noble human love

Giving is the character of love
Love gives strength to our hearts


Love and Lust

Love is not lust
Lust is not love
Don't decorate love with lust
Do not break love with lust

Love is a subject
Lust is an object
You have to understand it

Don't mix subjects with objects
Don't stir the two into myopic

Love is responsibility
Accept and sincerity form love

To be possessive and selfish
Love fosters pain
Pain has strengthened love

Upset and resentment grow behind love
Disappointed like weeds for love
Watch Out!
Watch Out!


Love and Grace

God gives love
God creates love
Love God's grace

Love is good
Don't pollute love!
Love is purity

Love is the ability of the soul
Love teaches people to be better
Love provides natural knowledge


Love should be beautiful

In misfortune, the joy of love comes entertaining
Love continues to pound into a high mountain

Sadness grows like a weed that will become a decoration of love
Disappointed to educate love to be spoiled
Sadness makes love stronger

Upset is love motivation
Love continues to advance
Disappointed is the error of love

You think it's love, apparently, it's selfish soul
You consider it love, apparently, selfish rotten heart
Happiness is love

Love youth

They consider love to be limited to body and lust
Young people consider love to spin on relationships between men and women

Love is more than you can imagine
Love the extraordinary things that God created

Love surpasses expectations
Never underestimate love
Never make love bound to romance
Never ever!

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