in #poetry6 years ago

This life is full of up’s and downs,
Please don’t get locked down in it.
It’s filled with different kinds of spices,
You better know how to handle it.

We live with the truth and the lies,
They don’t care how hard you try to survive.~
To them you might be just a fries,
Not so important to survive.

When things get worse time run’s fast to figure things out,
It’s like being in a maze with no way out.
Now you reason why life seems so confusing,
If you overcome you will look so amazing.

It brings to you the bad,
Shame and pain of life.
It brings to you the good,
Fame and gain of life.

It takes you home where you belong,
After all the battle you’ve fort for long.
God is by your side to give you the crown of greatness,
Now you make them all speechless.

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