"Priorities" - A Poem (with rant)

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The wolves were circling
Violating, tormenting
The strong
The weak
They had their pick
Of all the sheep
The shepherds gathered
To form a plan
To cure the greatest ill
That plagued their land
And so they agreed
No ewe should love another ewe
And no ram another ram

Recently some very influential religious leaders in my country gathered to tackle what they called a "clear and present danger". They weren't referring to the documented incidences of human trafficking, the many, many cases of unsolved child (and adult) abductions and murders, the robberies, the rapes, the systemic corruption that undermines our productivity in all sectors, the failed criminal justice system or even the ridiculously high level of pollution we produce. Rising sea levels could one day wipe us off the maps. But none of that was on the agenda.

They put aside all of their differences to try to pressure the government into rewording the existing marriage act to more clearly allow only male and female unions and to ensure the exclusion of gay people from the right to not be discriminated against under new Equal Opportunities legislature. They implied that providing such rights would destroy the fabric of our society. I ask myself how intact our society's fabric currently is when all of the real problems I mentioned previously have become so very commonplace. Where are their priorities? And why do they look so very proud of themselves in the photo?

I also wonder at the absolute hypocrisy of it all. A year or two ago, one of those same religious leaders was fighting tooth and nail for the rights of grown men to marry 14 year old girls under religious rites. That same law also allowed 12 year old girls to be married depending on their religion. Yes, that was legal in my country until 2017.

Anyway, you can read more about that coalition here: http://www.guardian.co.tt/news/2018-06-11/religious-heads-reject-same-sex-marriage-%E2%80%98god-made-adam-and-eve%E2%80%99

I think I'm done ranting.

Image sourced from pixabay.com

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