"Laughter & Tears" - A Poem

in #poetry2 years ago


Seas of salted tears
Taught you
The power of sweet laughter
Pulled spontaneously
From astonished lips
Barks and guffaws
Snorts and bellows
And sometimes even tears
But of a sweeter kind

Many of the people who make us laugh are a little bit troubled. In fact, that might be true of the greatest performers in all creative fields. I guess it adds a layer of realism to creativity that can't be replicated otherwise. Not all of the comedians or the witty friends who make us laugh have triumphed over that suffering so it's a good idea to keep an eye out for when they need more than our laughter.


Image sourced from pixabay.com


So very well observed. Goes the same for (fine) artists who are basically in a life-long therapy session! I imagine you do more smiling than laughing. I, however, am fast entering the dippy stage of laughing my socks off most of the time. It's mad out in the world, I can't help it. Literally...I don't think I can help much!

I'm learning how to loosen up and laugh a bit more myself. I think it might be necessary if one wants to survive! :D

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