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The following was written at a time in my life when I held no belief. I was in a dark place and seriously wondering what the whole meaning of life was. In the early hours of the morning I was jolted awake with these words needing to be put on paper.. Needless to say it was the beginning of my spiritual journey. 


We are alone.
Who led you to believe? 

The essence of our being stripped,
the light that burned with love and knowledge barely flickers.

Our purpose elusive,
as the mundane envelops our very existence.

Fear not.
Strive for answers,
the light not yet extinguished,
an ember still glows awaiting a match to reignite the flame.

Reach deep,
think hard,
look not too far.
Remove the shield of protection,
break free from confines of logic.

For flesh and blood you are not,
eternal spirit you are.
Darkness like a hungry predator stalks the blind.
Enlightenment awaits the brave soul,
who casts off the veil of supression,
to live, to learn, to grow;

To teach you are never alone.

ETERNAL Original Poetry @ebbymoo

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