A Walk In The Forest

in poetry •  4 months ago 

Seeking peace and rest,
I took a walk in the forest.
A small path scenic and serene,
wound through trees and over streams.

Brushing against my knee,
I saw the famous leaves of three.
I might have avoided that,
if my eyes weren't blinded my gnats.

A snap and snort
from the brush,
warned me of
the charging buck.

My best chance
to escape and flee,
was to climb
the nearest tree.

I ascended
and I crossed,
a nest of
angry wasps.

I fell
as I was stung,
onto the back of the buck,
and I clung.

Through the bushes
we ran with haste,
with briers
scratching my face.

I fell
and the buck left me there,
to escape
the charging bear.

I landed it seems
in the shrubs,
that had been
a bed for its cubs.

I ran and dove
into a stream,
that was not as deep
as it seemed.

I awakened
on the shore,
not as fit
as I was before.

Fearing no
animals wrath,
I dragged myself
on the path.

the setting sun,
I was back
where I had begun.

I 'll not return,
I assume.
As I lay in
the emergency room.

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