If You Want To Be Happy, All You Need To Do Is Go Back To Basics

in #poetry3 years ago

You’re in a relationship, and you’re tired of getting hurt, it's making you cynical about love, wondering why you keep striking out, I've a piece of advice for you; go back to your basics.
Look for someone who listens, someone who you love spending time with, someone you confide in, someone reliable, someone funny, someone whose complete entire appeal does not break down upon 10 minutes of casual inspection.

I understand that these things are ugly, and when you swipe through your phone, you might not find them catchy. Funnily, they are real things, what makes a real and lasting relationship.

You have to stop letting the perfect looks like it is the enemy of the good. Perfection is an illusion, and most often, when you think you found it, most times, you get hurt.

So, I beg of you, put down your phone and stop swiping for moment. Look around and you will find out that there is much good right in front of you, good that you take for granted

Day by day, you keep ignoring it, pursuing some perfection that never comes, days you can’t get back.

You need to stop rewarding those you meet, and are good at playing a game by looking for those that are simply good.

When you do this, maybe then can you enforce a small bit of purpose in what has been the depressing exercise of dating in 2018.



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