The Mechanic

in poetry •  8 months ago



Dirt-drenched knuckles
to the rumble
of an engine
through a different

A screwdriver
to the ear
telling secrets
in a language
only he can

long hours
blue collar
blue coveralls
soaked with

A large shadow
is cast
by example
few words are
or required
he speaks with his

This invisible
a renaissance man
only his family
can see

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© Doghaus
12 April 2018

I own all rights to the text in this post.



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This is a great poem.
At least from the view of another blue collar worker.
The concept of our work being "of value and service" to society is forgotten in the quest to be rich and famous. To be the next world hero.
Where has the respect gone for those who provide the opportunity for others to develop new technology and methods?
"The main ingredient of stardom is the rest of the team."
John Wooden


I couldn't agree more @roundhere, he was "famous" to us and his legacy will live on anytime I grab a tool or attempt a project. Forever asking "What would Pop do?".

I love it. A wonderful tribute to a great man!


Thank you @buckydurddle, he set the bar a little too high for me but I keep trying!

Nice work, good picture!

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You've had your car repaired by @mobilejoat! Now there is a mechanic. I wish he was closer to me...


I try to do the fixing myself but could always use an extra hand @cecicastor! This one was about my grandfather who could do anything and was completely self-taught.


It is wonderful when there is someone in the family who can repair anything. I think being self-taught is one of the better ways to go. You don't have some else's preconceived ideas to clutter your learning.


I admired him more than anyone else in my life for that reason @cecicastor. He never wanted or accepted praise for anything he did - true humility. He was a true renaissance man.

passionate machanic ,lool.


Extremely passionate @hugegene10, some of spend a lifetime finding our passion.

Amazing, You are incredible, just browse the articles of friends


Thank you for your kind words @mohdnesfu


Your welcome My friend :-)
Anyways, are you can repost my blog? Please

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