Your Strength

in poetry •  21 days ago 
Processes require line changes and a constant rise to the top of the interest for others, the big players make plans for people as if we are all ordinary dolls. We have the power to change the face of justice, open up the courage of your heart and show the power of truth.

Power and madness for profit, material forms of love and lust. We hide virtues in the company of good intentions, we are not honest because it can cost quite a bit price. We make secret plans in the synergy of partners we trust, sometimes we succeed and often remain alone and disappointed.

In the world of blockchain technology, we are oblivioning clouds and illusions, we have fast connections with like-minded people from all over the world. You have the power to change yourself, you are a unique diamond that has an invaluable value.

The abundance of consolation shows some other dimension of the marvellous nature of man, we have uncovered the power of subconsciousness and the universal law of attraction. You can change your destiny with spiritual practice, habits become part of your character that represents a lighthouse for others.


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