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in poetry •  4 months ago 
Something has shifted the burden of dreams with the feeling of great love, we changed the viewing angles to the beginning of the development of the lively dialogue. Sounds of nature open the eyes of energy in your hands the sun of hope is glowing, we set goals with star traces of emotional achievement.

The oscillations of the stock market create conditions of magical offerings, feel the wind and fragrant fields of creative creativity and raise the spirit of change. The rules of the game give signals to the eyes of passion, movements draw landscapes of dance and music through the joyous colours of the top paradigm.

We descend on the wings of special roads with the bright words of the pure soul, we remove obstacles from the crossbows of life and conquer new possibilities. Congratulations on the days of celebrity events, you grew up in the fruits of wisdom and the juices of life's truth.

You are a special and unique creation of the universe and magnificent energies, thought forms change the material form of love trips. Use your abilities and smart experiences to create a greater good, feel the powerful hands of the creator in your works.


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Your words always touch me so deeply. Every time I read them it was always meant as a beautiful synchronicity <3 much love to you and all


Thank you for nice words

Hello Sir! Will you send me the discord link of steemit.


I am new on this platform and has little knowledge about this platform and had not join dicord of this platform.