Walking Through Feelings

in poetry •  5 months ago
  • I feel the snow on warm touches, I see the volcanic emotion in traces of fate. The golden roads pass through the diamond field with the emotions of silk love, show me the world behind the cloud of illusion. The magical senses open a new dimension of reason, feel me.

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  • Artistic reality passes through the imaginary fairy tales of surreality, your hand images love with the perfect movements of thought. Sources of emotion hide old habits under dreams, I remember the rivers and the magnificent lake where I experienced the first love.

  • We fly through the consciousness of human needs, the ideals fall to their knees in front of the wishes of the master. A beautiful face shines on the cover of the magazine, celebrities sketching their ideas from the public. You won my heart in kisses of passion.

  • I feel the love on a romantic night, I feel your touches on the beach of our dreams. I feel the future that is related to you, your thoughts and the most beautiful moments that are not forgotten in eternity.

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@ dobartim.un endless beautiful things we can find in your friend poems. I like them a lot when you put them in. imagine this is early, it's raining the cool atmosphere, a coffee fee and I sit down at the computer and read this wonderful poem. very refreshing and relaxed I felt hahahaha thanks for sharing friend @dobartim


See you on the top


of course my friend @dobartim

Nice post keeep it up ... upvoted.
upvote me back thanks!


Welcome to Steemit

@dobartim another beautiful poetry, the way you explain the love is motivational, you explain even nature how include through the art. such a very inspirational poetry.


I am glad you like it