Walking By Enthusiasm

in poetry •  2 years ago 
  • Steps touch the clouds of your thoughts, cold weather covered the sunshine of our kisses. The energy was knocked in your chest as we passed by the memory of wild passions - Green eyes cast magic on the potential of my imagination, dopamine circulates in digital veins.

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  • Happiness made its play in the art salon, you watched the vision of the future in the mirror. You are my reflection of the subtle wishes, your emotions come from the cosmic dust. We sit on the bench while enjoying the peaceful touch of mystical love.

  • The movements bring a new difference in the goals of the ambitious senses, the mind has gone mad with new ideas of moving images in the illusion of potential. The perfection of your body has been transformed into several dimensions of ecstasy.

  • Universal knowledge covers new fields of fragrant meadows, your reputation reveals new ways of sleepy thoughts that roam in the transformation ether. Love brings a new change in character, thought and desire, in the Champions League, love is everything.

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awesome words ,Well done
Great post ..
I liked it .. for more creativity

I lover this lines, Love brings a new change in character, thought and desire, in the Champions League, love is everything.
Indeed love is all that matters.

Nice one.😉

Thank you very much

Nice poetic words on marble, i love it

I'm glad you like it

truly love is everything, love is what makes you understand life way better than you could ever imagine and help you make responsibility a prior option...

Love is everything


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I love the green eyes part. I'm a sucker for green-eyed folks.
Beautifully written 👍.

Thank you

Interesting poetry....You have created a overwhelming piece here....
really loved it

Thank you very much

Karia yang bagus

Hvala ti od srca

Wow , this is amazing. The pictures are breathtaking and so are the words sinking and flowing in the river of my imagination. Nicely done, this is a masterpiece

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Beautiful. Your promise always a tonic for me every morning. Thanks

Good morning

Nice words, words touched my heart, keep posting stuff like this

Thank you for nice words

Walking by Enthusiasm by @dobartim.

The enthusiastic walk is to search for love which is relevant in human endeavour. Love is all we need irrespective of our diverse quest for knowledge.

Well scripted poem. You are a good poet, Sir.

Walking love

OK !

Peace Profound! ✌

Amazing illusion. I like it.

Thank you

You're welcome

Thank you very much for the post of beautiful animation, I like your work. thank you very much

You are welcome

Wow,i love your choice of diction
Nice poem and artwork is mind blowing 👍👍

Thank you very much

Very interesting post @dobartim..
Already upvote.Visit my block @agusriandi


You welcome..

wow ... is amazing sir


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nice sir.art gif so cute

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These are magical love is magical nice thanks for sharing

Love is true magic

Wow, this is fantastic, "loves bring a new change in character", i love this one because its real, people change the way they behave to the people they love. Thanks sir, can someone learn poetry or is a gift?

I love the green eyes part. nice sir

Hmmm. What a lovely expression

Real difficulties can be overcome; it is only the imaginary ones that are unconquerable.thank you for this post

You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it. thank you for being productive

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