Walk At a Reasonable Price

in poetry •  5 months ago
  • Curious nature searches for man in the woods challenges, information circles about the thoughts of ideal opportunities. Turn the numbers of happiness with a smile of wealth, show signs of change in the high mountain of an incredible freedom.

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  • Open a new door of destiny with palms of paradise, show the most beautiful manners through the decisions of the love game. Excitement goes through the golden rules of enjoyment, embraced me on the podium for challenging adventures.

  • The schedules of knowledge raise emotions in the exam of life, the desire is proof of the power of the master of the universe. Kiss me in a sunny night, show a bright face on the bench memorial. Your touch changes the reality that comes to me during the time of love.

  • The winner seeks happiness on the lips of star joy, change the part of the mistakes with the character of perfection.
    Beauty is looking for beauty on the table of magical love, I seek you in the heart of the fate that is in my poetry favour.

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Hare Rama hare Krishna. This what I understand from your poem

Searching a right partner is everyone life biggest challenge. Some get successful and live a happy life. Some find wrong one and suffer whole life. Some didn't take initiative to do so and live in lonesome

Reply back if I am right and plz correct me if any misunderstanding happens


This is true

Amazing piece of photography. Great words
Are you a photographer?? Or blogger??


I am an average man


Let destiny play its role. Wonderful article my friend.

Happy reader


Happy day

Always glad to read your poem. I comment with this

the arms of knowledge invited me to travel the universe
I see from the slit window of my understanding the extent of space freedom of thought
I walked the way to learn to reach the gates of success
greet the happy smile behind the mountain challenge to taste the joy of the struggle

walk with a count so as not to slip into the abyss of failure
though failure can teach you to walk more balanced
walking the bridge of the balance between greedy lust and kindness.

look far ahead so as not dazzled by temptations temporary desire
that can drown you in the mire of shame
in order to avoid a lingering stumbling block

wait for the beauty and magic that you will most likely experience
after with no tired walking with a process filled with sweat and tears
until later tears will drip because happy

warm regard from Indonesia


Regards from Macedonia

Hare Krishna Dear Sir.
Very very beautiful poem dear sir.