Unique Vibration of Ether

in poetry •  3 months ago 
Something has changed in ether and intuition because we follow the principles of visible materialism, spiritual ecstasy is the virtue of a wise choice on the basis of universal rules. General feelings or individual emotions touch the imagination of passion, we wander between good and evil in the world of obstacles and challenges.

Thoughts and feelings connect unique vibrations to fluid and fluid, blink in the winds of fear and enthusiasm while looking for the best path of life philosophy. Somewhere the beginning has come to an end while we dance on the wings of powerful changes, the challenging reality leaves the traces of choice in millions of new scenes.

A few details determine our relationship through honour, respect, responsibility and sincere love. We found miraculous and magnificent roads in the joyous moments of happy romance, we became a sublime couple with an increased level of consciousness in the love virtue.

There is a time with fluid vibrations of energies that flow through our thoughts, we make intuitive embraces of destiny on the sources of blessings. Everything grows with enthusiasm and a positive spirit, our mood creates the conditions of reality in which we live.


Original poetry written by @dobartim
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