The Winning Euphoria of Love

in poetry •  2 months ago
  • We sit on the walls of the past with the basic knowledge of the new future, revealing the hidden talents of every part of the enthusiasm. Knowledge penetrates deeply with the strength of thousands of volcanoes, we have opened the heart for new discoveries.

  • The depth of thought transforms the illusion into a fantastic reality; similar reactions are projected by a mirror of destiny with the nuances of blue feelings. We run out of high places through the labyrinth of achievements, we feel the pressure of hot passion on the faces of love.

  • We booked a meeting at the old place with walnut wood, the leaves made a shoe for our hug. We explored the touch of emotion with a fine story and a few kisses, I felt the joyful energy of eternal perfection. The most expensive business is sharing free love, our sincerity is a powerful virtue.

  • The pearls are bright in your eyes with the strength of a diamond heart, we have moved to the next level of love adventure. We left traces of happiness on every atom of destiny, to know how to love is the most beautiful art of a human being.

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This is beautiful , and poetic. All we need is love!


I am glad you like it

very beautiful...i like it