The Starting Point

in poetry •  18 days ago 
Each point presents a major challenge in the manner of love emotions, we achieve top results on the wings of changes that flourish in the field of creativity. New users follow leadership positions with a smile of opportunity and profit, we are investing the time that brings us the fruits of our work.

We descend on the paths of happiness while climbing to the mystical peaks of success, looking for the beauty award on the sources of health. We fulfil our wishes and ambitions with actions of unknown virtues and goals, we feel friendly energy and great competition of negative information.

Our relationship is strong and stable with a sense of justice and truth, kissing me on the altar of eternity and touch the potential in me. Bring goodness on the shoulders of change and achieve the results of top-notch games, love has no limit in infinite energy.

Getting the weight off the hand of entrepreneurial imagination and raising the winds of success at the highest moments of progressive growth, our destiny begins with the right decisions. Knowledge refines the thoughts of creative wisdom with the taste of honey words, we set goals on the mountains of the universe and we lead wars for power.


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