The Spirit of Life

in #poetry4 years ago
  • Joy invites the rain to wash away the mistakes of the past, our faith is a strong ambition that strikes long projects in modern life. We go to meetings of logic and emotions as we run through career scales, believe in yourself as you change your destiny.

  • We are limited with learned knowledge and wrong experiences, courage pervades the boundaries that lead us to mystical success. The formula of life is unique to every individual, we create personal freedom in the past which is white-black.

  • New people and friendships, new partnerships and business plans create powerful alliances of one time. We pass through the thorns to reach the star, and the stars are merely a reflection of our thoughts and habits. Life is a miraculous gift, awakens the creator of good works.

  • I remember the first conversation with you, so beautiful and positive vibration has merged our energies into a powerful love. We answered a million unknown questions, we did everything to bring the energy of life in the direction of an unlimited emotion of love.


Joy invites the rain to wash away the mistakes of the past

Joy inscribes positive influences on our lives and gravestones. It shifts the impacts of a dreadful past into greeneries. Smile while you can cos life has a lot store for you. Thanks @dobartim

You are welcome

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