Swimming on Dry Emotions

in poetry •  5 months ago
  • Imagination flying to the illusion of happiness, we think that we have become small gods in the material universe as time runs out. Love has become a compensation for insanity through passionate body games. An honest spark swims on the energy of a volcano while you are asleep as a little child.

  • abe721a2ffd8a6de7163641043d53865.gif

  • Surfing on the waves of digital trends, we forget the natural values of the planet and the universe. Danger creates fears of subconscious games, the mafia steals souls through the interests of lust and greed. Consciousness is the possibility that raises us to the limits of the choice of spiritual freedom, wake up.

  • Knowledge creates laws in the interests of the powerful, behind the borders of the sky there is perfect justice, which gives us the judgment of life. Your beliefs become reality through the focus of the energy of the mind, the soul, and the body.

  • There is a hidden place in you, it is an oasis of love and a paradise for spiritual advancement. The challenges are only teachers who show us the next success station. We have achieved honour and creative perfection now is the moment to become better people.

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You're an awesome writer, a poet... That's a very nice and interesting story... I also love the picture, especially the way it moves, it looks like an art work


I am glad you like it


Very beautiful, inspired by a free love. I congratulate you


Free love is the main point of life

You are a very artistic soul! Your vibrations are high. I am glad that you share them. 🙏


Thank you very much

Very beautifully written.
Also pictures used are mesmerizing.
Are you a poet???


I am an average user

It real judgement of life is decided on the basis of karma. Are you believe in karma


Thank you for nice comment

Nice one! Describes really well the current situation on Earth...