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in #poetry2 years ago
  • We are grateful for the opportunities and we love great praise that is emotional and sweet, criticism appears as a correction of our goals and mistakes. Make places for the perspective of the future, everything has its own direction of movement.

  • Energy Rivers circle through the veins of our imagination, we are separating molecules of information with logical prejudices of success. The free choice is always ahead of us, we create a bad and good acre with our thoughts and deeds.

  • We pass through crises and falls, each step is the temptation that comes with the rules of the star. We believe in our abilities and potentials, we open new and dynamic chapters of life with the creative power of the mystical mind. Unlock your heart in pure consciousness, happiness knocks on your door.

  • We project unstable emotional states, our desires dominate with unrealistic goals that give us dissatisfaction. Change the direction of movement and your way of thinking as you go along the path by which nobody went. Energy circles around the grateful heart and powerful power of belief, change yourself.

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