Smile of Love

in poetry •  last year 
  • You show happiness in the smile of spring, you discover new details in the manners of ladies passing through the street of memory. We go to romantic places from the position of passion and fun in the mind, discovering ourselves through mistakes and successes in the first kisses of the wind.

  • We are looking for our best years surfing on the waves of knowledge and intuition, discovering new horizons in the challenges of life. A permanent investment passes through the gates of a hug, the feeling of closeness covers the deepest secrets of my heart.

  • I solved the mystery of your view with a new task of joy, the lake hides our truth to the ends of the universe. We have won science in the passions of love combinations, the eternal circles are driving the giant minds to make ingenious solutions in the world of mysticism.

  • You opened the sky with your smile, in your eyes shining beautiful stars of distant mysteries. The dynamic vibration of the cosmos energy opens up new fields of love miracles, you have transformed the connection into a research centre of emotions and enthusiasm.

  • Original poetry written by @dobartim
  • We win together - Steem Schools
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A beautiful poem and love are like the cosmos! Thank you @dobartim

You are welcome

Very beautiful words in this poetry i like it @dobartim well done work

Thank you

Hi,@dobartim, Waw very nice poiem

Thank you

Wow..sweet word.
It takes millions of people to make the world but mine is completed with one and it's you.

Love above everything


Oosssam pic

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Nice gif

great expressions... beautiful photos... nice Post

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Very nice poetry I like the wordyour eyes shining beautiful stars of distant mysteries. is very touchy.

I am glad you like it

Wow wow wow this is fabulous, what a lovely poetry, nice pics too. I just upvoted you and resteem as well. I love this post keep it up. You can check on my post @godspower22

See you on the top