Rain On Your Lips

in poetry •  last year
  • Clouds pass through the rainbow colors, you start the imagination that falls on the feet of the prophet. I love you from the first touch and golden words, I stayed with bare emotions on your diamond body. Tears cover the smile of passion, you are a beauty that lives forever.

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  • We walk by universal principles, bridges connect ideas through sandy views and strong storms of emotion. Feelings fade in the sun of truth, we cover creativity with false money while your lips cover me in the shadow of the moon - We are connected with the depth of the universe in this beautiful magical moment.

  • Play a dance on the ecstasy string, raise awareness to the height of your shoulders. We are building new stories while new projects are wandering around the heads of scientists, you are my best idea. This night was created for the lights of the ideal lighthouse, Hug me.

  • We keep business secrets in wine manners, enthusiasm sleep on the back of kings - where are you? I see a friend in the mirror of life, asking for your help in trembling lips. We are walking on future memories while reality sleeps in the bed of the past - I miss you.

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what an amazing piece of art. expressing your emotions in your words is a blessing one of a kind only have. missing your love one is always hurtful. i admire how you have turned your pain into art. love the post

Awesome peotry and great show of emotions and expressions
See you at the top ⚡✔


hm, do your best - I love your commensts


Yes,i will....next time

saludos, como estas dobartim? preciosa la poesia, esta foto esta espectacular parece que esta nadando en las estrellas.

te felicito, que sigan los exitos. te sigo, upvote, reestem. cariños y besos desde la distancia.


Hola, thank you very much

A beautiful and intimate write, dobartim. Splendid wording.


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Poetry was just awesome. Really i appreciate you. Every word of your mind, you wrote very well. Hopefully you'll be giving us a good post like this.
I would like to say you keep it up and well done.


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Really great job done, and i really liked your imagination of words and in my opinion your words created an relationship as an whole universe which contains different aspects of life and crossing and facing all these aspects and keep walking on the path of love is making an strong relationship, and yes we need an spiritual connection in an relationship and that will increase the bond. Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work. Wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

I love the hidden yet naked concept.
It's a lovely poem. I love it.


Thank you very much, see you on Steem School online class

I do like the visual that you have created for me here. You brought me to the Heights and it wasn't until the very end then I realized and was at a loss for words. A beautiful write . Thank you for sharing.


Thank you very much for this nice words, see you on the top


:) My pleasure!

Nice info. Thanks for sharing!


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I love your poetry sir.. Thanks for steeming on it🙂


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Brilliant. I love bridges connect ideas through Sandy views and strongg storms of emotions.

We walk by Universal principles..... Very apt. Principles rule the earth... Break them. And you get the result.

And feelings truly fade under the sun on the truth. Most times, the rays of truth don't reach feelings in time and we get deceived by it.

And Sir, do you by any means play any string instrument... From you're poetry, you attach quite a handful emotion to guitars and strings.

But I don't really understand what it means by we cover creativity by false money... Can you explain?

Hmm! Awesome poetry that reflects reality.
This is very true in reality:

Feelings fade in the sun of truth,

And also, this line is deep:

We are walking on future memories while reality sleeps in the bed of the past - I miss you.

Thank @dobartim for sharing this... Sincerely, your poems stretch my creativity, as they make me think figuratively with respect to reality.

Poetry! Food to the soul. This is exceptionally excellent. And seeing that picture moving makes this so authentic. Great insights sir. I love this.

Sometime, human connecting for another with love how they live in believe.

Ideas are fragile like poetry coming out of the lips. Our soul is dancing on a cosmic wave of good energy. It invites all people from every corner of our Universe to be part of a unique movement that will shatter dreams of selfish people.
To be first is the hardest way, but the army behind is singing the song of the love and success.

The life poetry of yours brings knowledge to our senses and keeps us united on the class!

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your are steemit hero sir. i really love you.


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I see creativity at its peek

Wow. Beautiful poetry.
You are very talented @dobartim