Place Of Love

in poetry •  last month 
Our character determines the fate of the fate that changes in the winds of a challenge, the joys of life give signals to the original wisdom to climb to the summit of consciousness. Sincerity is the virtue of moral honour, remaining in the focus of dreams realized.

We spread knowledge on the emotional side of the logical whole, mythological maturation gives a chance of time changes to achieve a top score. We sow love in signs of happiness and eat foods with spiritual vitamins, moral tenderness cover the traces of feeling and destiny.

Open the heart for a new game of love and passion, initiate enthusiasm in the open field of fragrant feelings and feel the powerful game of the universe. Stand next to me and we will capture all the unknown emotions with a smile, you are chosen as the princess of my karma.

Fix the light in the tunnel of memory and find the way out of the closed circle, you are at the top level of life dance and opportunity. We leave on wings secrets that bring us to the sensual gates of the oasis, pass information of love ecstasy with the taste of truth.


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