On The Wings of Success

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  • A happy smile circles around the perfect words and deeds, we have become unmatched in the field of enjoyment. The victory of reason glorifies the ideals of the conquering mentality, in the search for hidden treasures we show our true intentions.

  • We make choices through virtual tests, we open new fields of love manners through the mirror of passion. Above the clouds of our thoughts fly on the wings of ether, we have connected extremes with the most beautiful model of incredible creativity.

  • The light shines on the romantic path of love enthusiasm, the moon hides the traces of your steps with the leaves of free energy. First kisses in a magical park raise emotions of memory, you won my heart and blinked souls with amazing touch.

  • We found ourselves in the depths of hidden secrets of man's nature, we won wonders and minds with the meditation of love. Success is a measure of the value of complete intelligence, becoming a true character that opens up new wonderful roads.


Sometimes success comes after death such as came for Van Gogh and so many others who were ridiculed or ignored for their work, but after they passed on their work became well known; Some have worked so hard with the desire and never give up mentality but never came close; but I think there have been a great many who have never been discovered; sometimes life doesn't give you the recognition you desire or deserve; some give up, some keep on, and some just do it because their work is what they are...

Believe in yourself

Such an insightful observation. Life is unfair in its own ways but we can't ignore the possibility of fairness. Sometimes our desire are against us. If we observe our instant desires,these can turned against us and our lovable one's . It was wonderful comment and I feel connected to the source.
Happily Reading

Success is always measured due to your intellectual abilities yes it's a hidden treasure of eveyone who is hungry of success love passion model of creativity our vision and so many things equally responsible on our success.
Great post dear sir.
Hare Krishna.
God bless you.

Hare Krishna

Hare Krishna Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.

Beautifully said and illustrated @dobartim

The true measure of success is in achievinh set goals irrespective of what the goal is. Even when the steps does not seem like where you are going, keep moving in the direction of the goal you have chosen. The movement in itself is success. Your movement towards your goal is success

See you on the top and in Steem Schools

Hare Krishna Sir.
Your way of describing success is quite different as you put so many expression on love, passion intellectual power and it's completely nice to read your poem, good poem to be read to be admired.

Hare Krishna, I follow you now

Hare Krishna Dear sir, i wish you a very lovely day and I am so much thankful to you that you given such importance to me it's a boon and blessing of Lord Krishna to me.
Thank you sir ji.

@dobartim, yes, success is a hidden treasure that can only be uncovered through our acqusition of knowledge. Also, a conquering mentality always leads to victory.

Thanks for sharing with us sir.

We win together.

We win together only with true love

Yes sir. Thanks

We all want to achieve success. But sometimes we do not know what path to follow to reach it. In this poetry you reflect success sublime. And it is true that success is related in one way or another to our feeling.

Saludos, English, please

wow...beautiful poetry esoteric lovly steemschool soulpeotry thanks this post dear sir posrep_yarn.png

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