On The Lips of TracessteemCreated with Sketch.

in #poetry2 years ago
  • Everything started from the time of a loving look, every thought showed on your emotions of passion. Music has become a powerful vibration of the sensual touch of the spirit, I constantly think of the nights that were ours. I guard you in the heart of love, you are my lady with perfect qualities.

  • The empty room fills deep thoughts with the virtual virtues of your wisdom, let it rain and embrace the power of my will. It makes impossible another romantic night with the movements of the lion of grace, get up and fight the wrong thoughts at the places of temptation.

  • Release the chains of failure and set new goals ahead of my inspiration. Every wisdom from the lips of the prophets has the eternal flow of life energy, the smell of glory and the achievable probability remains an eternal trace on the paths of the hero.

  • The broken faith is lifted up on your hands of powerful love, lifting the moral force of my fall on the wings of your beauty. I want your lips on the podium of an emotional game of joy and kiss, you are the happiness that shines in the sky of my desires.

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