Love Sales

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  • I sold a story on the beauty market, she looked at me behind the curtain of reality. My heart flickers in a successful hunting season, I got a smile with the magic stars' inclination. I am walking around thoughts in the colourful energies of passion, gentle words passing through the rosy energy of my vibrations.

  • I bought red roses for the girl of my dreams, I am a seller of a dream that dreams of the success of love adventure. We go beyond the fervent thoughts through the time gates of the mind, perfection sleeps in the hands of free prophets while I keep you in my dreams.

  • Obstacles are looking for heroes in the challenges, we are the sellers of the future that raises morals to the pedestal of kings. The laws of enthusiasm flying on the waves of the waterfall that falls on your hair, we feel the need to change the habits into miracles.

  • You kissed me after honest words and deeds, I felt your intentions in perfect harmony with the spiritual principles of the universe. Fun demands happiness in a magic character, your eyes show perfect manners in a love game.

De este bello poema quiero destacar las siguientes frases:
  • Estoy caminando alrededor de los pensamientos en las energías coloridas de la pasión, palabras suaves que pasan a través de la energía rosada de mis vibraciones.
  • Soy un vendedor de un sueño que sueña con el éxito de la aventura amorosa.
  • Los obstáculos están buscando héroes en los desafíos, somos los vendedores del futuro que elevan la moral al pedestal de reyes.
  • Es hermoso porque tu mente esta produciendo muchas ilusiones, muchas ideas, mucha energía, no solo sueñas con tu éxito sino con el éxito de tus seguidores, debemos salirle al paso a los obstáculos, no importando cual difícil sean, siempre habrá manera de cruzarlos.
    From this beautiful poem I want to highlight the following sentences:
  • I am walking around thoughts in the colorful energies of passion, soft words that pass through the pink energy of my vibrations.
  • I'm a dream salesman who dreams about the success of the love affair.
  • The obstacles are looking for heroes in the challenges, we are the salesmen of the future who elevate morale to the pedestal of kings.
  • It's beautiful because your mind is producing many illusions, many ideas, much energy, not only do you dream of your success but also of the success of your followers, we must overcome the obstacles, no matter how difficult they are, there will always be a way to cross them.
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    @dobartim Absolutely breathtaking! The thoughtfulness of the actions playing into the actual motion leading up to the kiss are indescribable. You have become such a great writer that I am intimidated by putting any of poetry up, but maybe I will work up to something such as this.

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