Lies and Happiness

in #poetry2 years ago
Committed in the words of promises we violate laws that we can not fulfil, the result of perfect relationships opens new fields of heavenly feelings. The rhythm of enthusiasm breaks the borders of inexperienced mistakes, we pass on to the final destination of joy and success with a pure heart.

Honesty is a virtue that returns to all levels of life experience, a positive thought creates the creative conditions of a joyful mission. Open the day in the hands of fate, enjoy the moments that lead you to the other side of the undiscovered secrets.

Follow your heart and create thoughts with positive emotions, pursue the goal of a balanced essence of life and self-realization. You are an idea that lives in every word and every touch of the ladies with the magnificent emotions of love, we go to the end of October together in luck.

Every day lies in the happiness that comes from our energies, we combine the laws of the universe and the vibrations of our desires that are realized with strong faith. The inspiration of consciousness achieves joyful drawings on the canvas of life, beauty leaves the marks of the lips in a wise way of passion.