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in poetry •  15 days ago
We said goodbye to the past, we launched visions with future realizations of emotional dreams. Feel the destiny in the hands of happiness and prove that you are worth more than ordinary life, the light has risen in the passions of passion to lead us to the source of ambition and love.

With a glance you cut the fear that circled in my veins, your touch cleared the suspicions through the wind of mystical enthusiasm. We build feelings on the waves of the energies that come and pass the heart of creativity, you showed me open gates of time with ornaments from other dimensions.

We stood in a place that was written with the signs of wisdom, the honour and satisfaction of moral norms led us to the sacred place of love. We pass the boundaries of thought with the unexpected details of the new mission, leaving everything behind us while we are making magnificent oases of happiness.

Interrupting a series of failures with each top-class styling, we have achieved ourselves at the highest level of success. The discovery of hidden secrets in emotional cash registers pay the most beautiful gifts of romantic romance, you are a star that shines in my soul.


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