In The Depth of Existence

in poetry •  6 months ago
  • Are we dust in the shadow of life or the spirit that creates eternal projects? A strange feeling connects thoughts somewhere between the past and the future, you were created on the fictitious waves of the emerald lake. Reality has become tangible in the illusion of dreams, so soft lips sleep with tigers.

  • When the ideal vibration starts, remember the changes that come with the learning time. To feel the energy of the universe in the veins of freedom, we circulate with the atoms of consciousness that swim in infinity. A dark word wins a tired heart, sadness is a shadow of love's failure.

  • We have defeated fears and fictitious heroes, we are alone on the terrace of an ideal love. You changed the game with dancing words, you won the wrong battles that came into the hands of my victory. Ice has reduced the temperature of chemistry in the passion of volcanic adventure, you have captured every part of my being.

  • The sky has opened new paths on the wings of the green forests, look at the sources of magical water and look up the sun. The Queen of Tenderness and Honor sets new rules for the success of love mysticism, you are the princess of the diamond throne with a smile of a swan.

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Magnificent poetry friend.. so cool,,,


Thank you

Magnificent poetry friend.. so cool,,,

this is really incredible, I really like the imaginary pictures like this,

Only a sad heart can sorrowful words win and of a truth, sadness is truly a product of a heart devoid of love. Thanks for these thoughtful words

@dobartim, Beautifully written! And more literally true than most will realize. The "illusion" of life is fascinating.


... It truly is... To weild magick at one's fingertips when they find the key..

Your poems are always so great! I resteemed this. Check out my latest poetry if you fancy! Have a wonderful day!

simply beautiful from all points of view excellent mr. @dobartim