In The Day Of Love

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I find your words as a consolation of restless dreams and great desires, passing through memories and tears in the magical smile of joyful details. We find new ways of happiness because we have created a famous truth on the foundations of love, we have changed the weather with the conditions of surprise.

Respect passes through the gates of time, while on the other hand, the energy you stand in the light of memory, show me a new way of emotional virtue. Make the path of glory for the truth that comes with our sincere relationships, we are changing in the conditions of common interest.

We hear the voices of stars travelling with our thoughts, imagination achieves new goals that bring us the power of enthusiasm on the move. Finding our secrets in the depths of the heart that wander between matter and spirituality, a stable connection shows a new direction of a digital reality that changes consciousness.

The unique perfection in your movements of artistic creativity gives the powerful energy of passion, the feeling of my intentions in the virtue of the sunny side of love romance. Powerful love opens the wonderful dimensions of new adventures, love is the sacred secret of our future.



"Power of enthusiasm on the move" It's like you speak from a collective hive mind and access the Akashic records! One can truly feel how connected you are whilst reading every time. You are a talented and gifted soul ! Thank you so much for every effort you are putting into this. You are one of the people who made history on this blockchain ! So uplifting and enlivening :)

Thank you for nice words. I am only small ant

There was a man, Sternberg who had a theory about love and how it is made up of three things. Intimacy, passion, and commitment. You weave your words so nicely around them and I can see them hidden in plain sight.

It is so nice to read these words as the first thing that I see this morning. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Nicely done.


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