Golden Word

in poetry •  6 months ago
  • Our word is the key to the world of lies and change. We sleep on sources of abundance with the knowledge of cosmic science, we children are bright with diamonds in the chest. The doorway of the door of paradise with the eyes of a smile, look at the new horizons of a virtuoso.

  • Kingdoms convey memories of the victories of the beautiful princess, you are the queen of winds sitting on the throne of consciousness. Chains make thoughts on the bench of children's dreams, get rid of fear and kiss the raging rain that brings you love messages.

  • We left traces in the rivers of magical words, we took the burden from the lips of the prophets when it showed the new direction. You are magnificent in the mouths of wise beings, your advice brings freshness to the homes of awesome believers.

  • You woke up the strength of a hundred thunders in the mystical waves of love poetry, you were created for cosmic victories with the unlimited power of gentle passion. Your words write love with golden letters, I love you.

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Congratulations. I like it!


wow, this looks great, I'm very interested in your drawings.


This is only poetry

Awesome poem


I am glad you like it

" Nuestra palabra es la clave del mundo de las mentiras y el cambio". Muy cierta esta frase, la palabra escrita o hablada golpea o levanta la estima del otro. Una palabra puede cambiar muchas cosa y también destruir. Saludos dobartim


Thank you very much