Golden Emotions

in poetry •  5 months ago
  • Music shows the way with new words, opening a new dimension of consciousness with the challenges of beauty. Leave the traces of the laws on the lips of the prophet, we show smiles in the mountains of the star. We have discovered new worlds of flowers, you smell of victory.

  • We balance the characters with a happy choice of habits, through the forest comes the wind of obstacles with the volcanic power of love. Knowledge is virtue below the level of spiritual blessings, kisses the essence with a pure heart and spiritual eyes.

  • The change of the story is missing in the minds of creative losers, the champions raise the food of honour with the celestial beauty of truth. The river of energy has opened through the solar energy of mystical enthusiasm, kiss me with a passionate embrace of destiny.

  • Consciousness laws raise the boundaries around the chains of intolerable freedom, digital love flourishes through cash profits. Your love for me is worth more than Bitcoin, you are my main support in the beautiful world of abundance.

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Cada día veo tus artículos en busca de algo para comentar, en esta ocasión me llamo la atención las siguientes frases:
  • La música muestra el camino con nuevas palabras, abriendo una nueva dimensión de conciencia con los desafíos de la belleza.
  • Hemos descubierto nuevos mundos de flores, hueles a victoria.
  • El conocimiento es virtud por debajo del nivel de las bendiciones espirituales, besa la esencia con un corazón puro y ojos espirituales.
  • El cambio de la historia está ausente en las mentes de los perdedores creativos, los campeones levantan el alimento del honor con la belleza celestial de la verdad.
  • El amor digital florece a través de las ganancias en efectivo.
  • La música es un lenguaje universal y como tal siempre servirá de canal para decir nuevas cosas y transmitir emociones, esas emociones muchas veces son de tristeza, otras de alegría, unas de esperanza y otras de desilusión, en este caso esa música son trompetas de victoria, porque estamos alcanzando un sueño, un ideal: Ese ideal no es otro que el conocimiento, y como dicen que Conocimiento es Poder, nos estamos empoderando y apoderando de la mejor manera de nuestras ganancias, fruto de nuestro esfuerzo, debemos ser creativos e invertir en nuestros conocimientos. Ese amor digital no es otro que la "lealtad", ese respaldo y cooperación con el compañero que ha comenzado la carrera antes o después de nosotros, esa carrera que no pretende que haya un ganador, sino mejor que todos lleguemos a la meta, que nos encontremos en la cima, como tu siempre dices, gracias, amigo y maestro @dobartim.
    Every day I see your articles looking for something to comment on, this time I was struck by the following phrases:
  • Music shows the way with new words, opening a new dimension of consciousness with the challenges of beauty.
  • We've discovered new worlds of flowers, you smell like victory.
  • Knowledge is virtue below the level of spiritual blessings, it kisses the essence with a pure heart and spiritual eyes.
  • The change of history is absent in the minds of creative losers, champions lift the food of honor with the heavenly beauty of truth.
  • Digital love flourishes through cash earnings.
  • Music is a universal language and as such It will always serve as a channel to say new things and transmit emotions, those emotions are often sadness, other times joy, some times hope and others disappointment, in this case that music are trumpets of victory, because we are achieving a dream, an ideal.

    That ideal is none other than knowledge, and as they say that Knowledge is Power, we are empowering ourselves and taking the best of our earnings, the fruit of our efforts, we must be creative and invest in our knowledge.
    That digital love is nothing other than "loyalty", that support and cooperation with the colleague who started the race before or after us, that race that does not pretend there is a winner, but rather that we all reach the finish line, that we find ourselves at the top, as you always say, thank you, friend and teacher @dobartim.



    See you in live class

    @dobartim. I love that the basis of this poetry is music
    For me music is life
    and without life I am dead.
    In short I can not live without music.
    I liked a lot this very well thanks friend


    See you on the top

    The first photo is really inspiring.

    Always awesome. i comment with this word

    when words slid from the lips
    I see through the window of your heart
    so that a pockmarked face with a lie can be avoided
    so that the false smile can be so neutralized as honesty
    hypocrisy will melt with my stare straight
    because I've found a recipe for emotion

    when the heart, feelings and thoughts come together
    no more obstacles are blocking
    all destroyed like an iceberg struck by a meteor
    until the top of pride will be a valley full of love

    with an open heart
    our conscious mind goes and finds self awareness
    until all emotions can be controlled properly
    then you will find a lake of feelings full of true love

    warm regard from Indonesia


    See you in Steem Schools

    This picture very wanderful I like so much



    Sir,fantastic lines...In the world of sorrow,if something can create hope, is song and love..My grandmother always said that if you love some one,then you must sing a beautiful song..


    Welcome to Steemit

    It is very difficult to spend life without love....! I like your story and photos @dobartim thankyou


    Thank you so much @dobartim

    @dobartim Those arts are inspiring coupled with poetic words.