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in poetry •  2 months ago
Everything has a price in the material world of folly, it has collected donations for honesty and friendship rights that are rare in the age of profit and precise interests. We leave the best year at the places of the other's ideology, we live in other people's dreams.

The beginning of a relationship is a short-lived passion that turns into respect or break, we look at our desires in others because we want to recognize our interests. Infinite possibilities of flying on the wings of enthusiasm and ambition, we create many good things but also bad karma on the paths of success.

We make the scenario and goals for glory and achievements, prestige status and media popularity open the door of false happiness. Audience reactions determine market rules of the game, love moves the boundaries of wise principles of consistency.

Giants and geniuses reign with merciless principles of interest, you are a girl who has passed the boundaries of my secrets and won my attention to the maximum limits. You conquered me with a kiss and a gentle smile, our paths illuminate the truth and joy.


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I have a lot of pain in my heart lately but your poetry always helps

Great work. Very well written.


Thank you